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Bicycle Service & Repair

Labor Prices

Basic Tune Up


Re-adjusting your brakes and shifters (assuming your wheels are already true), Air your tires, lube chain, and tighten and straighten components on bike for safety

Complete Tune Up


Everything included in your basic tune up plus; true wheels, lubing cables and adjusting the bearings in your headset, hubs, and bottom bracket. 

(includes installation of up to 3 standard parts)

Deluxe Tune Up


Everything in your complete tuneup plus a professional drivetrain cleaning.

(includes installation of up to 3 standard parts)

Full Overhaul


A complete dissassembly down to the frame and rebuild including packing of the bearings and installition of standard parts. 

Expedited Service


Need your bike for a big race on friday? Had an emergency pop up? Not a problem! We can have your bike for you in time for your event. Just give us 48 hours notice and with a small fee to cover extra labor you can skip ahead of the line just in time for race day.

Install tire or tube off bike   $8

Install tire or tube on bike   $10

Install tubeless tire   $20

Install rack or fenders $10

Install brakeset non-hydraulic   $15

Install brakset hydraulic   $25

Overhaul headset   $15

Overhaul loose ball bottom bracket   $25

Overhaul hub front   $15

Overhaul hub rear   $25

Overhaul hub coaster brake   $35

Overhaul front fork   $75

Overhaul rear shock $35

Assemble shipped bike $79.99

Assemble kit bike purchased elsewhere   $79.99

Install headset cups on bare frame   $15

Install new chain   $10

Install Stem   $10

Install new cartridge bottom bracket   $20

Ice skate sharpen   $5

Light wheel true   $10

Standard wheel true $15-20

Major wheel true   $25

Tap and face BB shell   $30

Tape drop bars   $15

Straighten der hanger   $10

Install susp fork   $35

Adjust 1 piece BB   $10

Adjust 3 piece BB   $10

Box bike for shipping   $49.99