Bike Repair & Maintenance

Our experienced mechanics are on staff everyday and we want to help you! 

We have experience working on the most complicated repairs, rebuilds and components.  We will discuss your bicycle with you and explain what we recommend, always respecting your choices and your budget. 

We want to get you back on your bicycle as quick as possible.  If it's a quick fix, we can do it while you wait.  If your bike is in need of a full-tune or overhaul, call us and we can schedule your appointment.  

We service all brands and models of bikes. 

Bring your Bike in Today for a  Free Service Estimate or call to schedule your appointment!

Basic Tune


If your wheels are straight and your hubs are in adjustment a basic tune may be what you need to ensure the best riding experience.


>Adjust your brakes (front and rear)

>Adjust your shifting (front and rear)

>Lube all cables

>Check air pressure in your tires

>Lube your chain

>Tighten and straighten components 

>Bicycle safety check

Complete Tune-up


If your wheels are out of true, we can't adjust your brakes properly. 
In that case, we recommend a Complete Tune Up. With a Complete Tune-Up, your wheels will be removed from the bicycle and trued, hubs will be adjusted and reinstalled.


>Everything included in our Basic Tune-up


>True your wheels

>Adjust the bearings in your headset 

>Adjust and reinstall your hubs

>Adjust your bottom bracket 

>Install of up to 3 standard parts



If your drive train is very dirty and in need of cleaning or you have the addition of multiple new parts and accessories, then the Deluxe Tune-up is in order.


>Everything included in our Complete Tune-up 


>A professional drivetrain cleaning

>Installation of up to 3 standard parts

Full Overhaul


We will perform an extensive evaluation of your bike to make sure your bike is back to it's best form post-overhaul. Call to schedule an appointment.


>A complete disassembly down to the frame 

>Rebuild including packing of the bearings and installation of standard parts 

Install tire or tube - off bike   $8

Install tire or tube - on bike   $10

Install tubeless tire   $20

Install rack or fenders $10

Install brake set non-hydraulic   $15

Brake bleed $25

Install brakset hydraulic   $30

Overhaul headset   $15

Overhaul loose ball bottom bracket   $25

Overhaul hub front   $15

Overhaul hub rear   $25

Overhaul hub coaster brake   $35

Overhaul front fork   $75

Overhaul rear shock $35

Install headset cups on bare frame   $15

Install new chain   $10

Install stem   $10

Install new cartridge bottom bracket   $20

Light wheel true   $10

Standard wheel true $15-20

Major wheel true   $25

Tap and face bottom bracket shell   $30

Tape drop bars   $15

Straighten der hanger   $10

Install suspension fork   $35

Adjust 1 piece bottom bracket   $10

Adjust 3 piece bottom bracket   $10

Assemble shipped bike $79.99

Box bike for shipping   $49.99

Assemble kit bike purchased elsewhere   $79.99

Ice skate sharpen   $5

Expedited Service

Need your bike for a big race on Friday? Had an emergency pop up? Not a problem! 

We can have your bike for you in time for your event.  

Just give us 48 hours notice and with a small fee of $25 (to cover extra labor-during the busy time), 

you can skip ahead of the line just in time for race day.  

Come in or call for your expedited service needs.