Our History

Wheaton's History

Original Wheaton's StoreWheaton's has been the Flathead Valley's source for fun stuff for over eighty-eight years. Wheaton's was founded in 1918 by Frank Wheaton. Those were the days when the Woolworth's store was just across on Main Street, there was a soda fountain in every drugstore, and the Great Northern Railroad yard was in full operation right where the Center Mall sits - just across the street from the old railway station and Depot Park.

Originally a bicycle repair shop, the store sold Indian motorcycles in the 20's, added dolls, models, and toys in the 50's, then tinkered with Honda trail bikes in the 60's. Frank's son, Bernard, sold the store to its current owner, Margaret LeKander, in 1976. Over the years, Margaret has kept the fun alive by supporting new and developing hobbies such as skateboarding in 1985.

Wheaton's has continued the tradition of quality and friendly home service. Every Christmas, just like in 1918, you'll find a decorated Christmas tree in the store window, see shiny bikes, and hear the rumble of Lionel trains. Old-timers stop by all the time to tell us how they used to hang out here when they were kids, dreaming about the latest bikes and things. We tell them it's the same today, only now it's their great-grandchildren "keeping the dream alive."

Wheaton's has been known for being on the cutting edge of new product categories. The store pioneered such oddities as the mountain bike, in-line skates and snowboards. Glimpses of the future can be seen throughout the merchandise, with the spotlight now on all things cycling and skateboards.

Flathead Beacon has now done a centenial article which can be found on their website or by clicking here